Hey, thanks for stopping by.  As you can probably tell, I have a passion for live music.  I love creating it, organizing it, producing it, recording it, editing it, sharing it, and dancing my ass off to it! 

This site is still a work in progress, in both its concept and presentation, but its mission will remain: to share the experience of being moved by live music, especially those occasional peak moments of FIRE.  If you've felt this intense experience of aliveness from music, then you know just what I mean.

The collection of media files at this site reflects the musical genres that are my personal favorites. As a hand percussion player (congas, djembe, etc) my tastes tend mostly toward groove based music - Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Jazz Funk, Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban, World Beat, some R&B, and some Jam Rock.

Since 2000, I've had a blast playing percussion at hundreds of jams and gigs on Long Island. During this time I've also created a number of not-for-profit, community-based, live music projects.

When I'm not playing music, my nine-to-five keeps me focused on the business of environmental cleanup.

Photography is not among my greatest talents, but I managed to capture some cool sunset shots from my terrace.

Check out whats new as of 2014 at RichRivkin.com.